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What is actually covered under a Manufacturer Warranties?

‌All vehicles come with a warranty period, although this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. A car manufacturers warranty is offered for a handful of reasons but the major being to cover any form of repairs that may come up during an agreed number of years. Warranties serve as a good selling point for car because it helps the buyer feel a lessened level of risk and a heightened level of faith in the product’s quality.

How Junking a Car Benefits the Planet

‌Unfortunately, as well as we maintain them, cars do not last forever. Eventually they drive their final mile, and at that point, we have to look for a replacement. Whenever you come to that realization, that your car is too old or too damaged to repair it and drive safely on the road, the best decision for both you and the planet is to consider it a junk car. Give it to professionals that will be able to break down and repurpose it in the most responsible way.

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